Chief Executive Officer – Nikau Tangaroa

Quality Safety Management – Manager Akaiti Purea

Human Resources – Manager Moari Fortes-Ngamata


Director of Operations – Tony Wearing
Aerodrome Services – Manager Tony Macquarie
Air Navigation Services – Manager Nooroa Maui
Aitutaki Airport – Manager Miimetua Blenkarn
Aviation Security Services – Manager Oscarlina Tapoki
Rescue Fire Services – Manager George Nicholls and Chief Fire Officer Breamnt Kea

Corporate Services

Director of Corporate Services – Florence Epati
Commercial – Manager Geoffrey Halston
Finance & Administration – Manager Mami Nikoro
Information Technology – Manager Natasha Tangiiti

Support Services

Director Support Services – Tukua Tangaroa
Maintenance – Manager Akanoa William
Cleaning and Landscaping – Manager Annette Terepita